COVID-19 Response: Global Student Interviews University of Arizona Health Sciences Virologist

March 21, 2021


Global Ambassador and undergraduate student Ola Allababidi recently interviewed Felicia Goodrum, PhD, a virologist and professor of immunobiology, about COVID-19 in advance of Arizona Global’s 2021 Virtual World Tour event. In the interview, Ola asked Dr. Goodrum about how the University has managed to keep students safe during the pandemic, what kind of COVID-19 research the university is conducting, and what the difference is between the different types of testing available. 

Dr. Goodrum emphasized that from her perspective, the University of Arizona is managing the pandemic appropriately. 

“The University of Arizona has done an amazing job being very proactive in addressing the pandemic to ensure the safety of their students and faculty,” she said. “They've done this on many fronts by acting quickly, and not only implementing, but innovating testing.” 

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