University of Arizona Sigma Phi Omega Chapter recruiting new members

April 2, 2023


Sigma Phi Omega Alpha Delta Omega Chapter
Sigma Phi Omega Alpha Delta Omega Chapter

Sigma Phi Omega, the International Academic Honor and Professional Society in Gerontology, is recruiting new eligible members for its Alpha Delta Omega chapter at the University of Arizona. Students of the University of Arizona Health Sciences International Innovations in Aging graduate certificate or master’s programs meet the qualifications to apply.

The society’s mission is to “recognize excellence of those who study gerontology and aging and the outstanding service of professionals who work with or on behalf of older persons.”

Chapters promote personal as well as professional interaction and engagement by building a community made up of gerontology/aging studies students, alumni, educators, practitioners, and local professionals.  Alpha Delta Omega is open to and welcomes multi/interdisciplinary perspectives and different levels of expertise in aging.

“In my opinion, the best thing about being a member of Sigma Phi Omega, is that it provides you a community,” said Amanda E. Sokan, PhD, MHA, LL.B, chapter advisor for the Alpha Delta Omega chapter of Sigma Phi Omega. “I made lifelong friends when I started as a student, and we all ended up in different places.”

Dr. Sokan has been a member since 2007 and founded the local chapter in March 2022.  Inaugural members include University of Arizona faculty members Linda Phillips, RN, PhD, FAAN, FGSA, Senior Director of Research and Education at the University of Arizona Center on Aging and Program Chair for the Innovations in Aging programs, Dr. Kristina Balangue, a geriatrician at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix, and faculty at the College of Medicine - Phoenix, and Ms. Sam Werts, a doctoral student at Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health. Dr. Sokan and Dr. Phillips are both instructors for courses in the Innovations in aging programs.

“It’s a platform where we can all come together and have a true exchange of minds and ideas from our different disciplines in service to aging and older adults, because our approaches to study and service create value and support innovation, and we bring that perspective to aging issues.”

Members are provided a platform available in hybrid options to meet with others who share a similar interest in gerontology/aging studies, for scholarship, networking, friendship, and volunteer opportunities.

“Your experience in the chapter will be what you make of it,” said Dr. Sokan. “You do not need to be a traditional student. You get to shape the experience, decide how and what ADO will contribute, and have fun doing so – if this sounds good to you, I encourage you to join us.”

Membership is open to both undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty members. Click here for more information on qualifications to become a member. People interested in joining the chapter should contact Dr. Sokan by emailing sends e-mail) with ‘Sigma Phi Omega’ in the subject line.

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